Movie Review – City Hall (1996)

Or the dirty underbelly of American machine politics…

Some movies are just for watching and then forgetting them. They are for pure entertainment. But others like “Gods and Generals” are good enough to be a part of the curriculum in Political Science, American Studies or Sociology departments of all universities.

CITY HALL is one such flick.

If you need to understand the intricate ways in which the machine politics bosses in New York City used  

How to Six Step When You Breakdance

When I teach class no matter the size or place I always teach top rock and six step. these are two of the most basic moves you can learn. They take little time to learn and are the basis of most breakdance moves.

The six step is considered one of the first moves you should learn. Not only is it very easy to learn but it is also the connecting point for a lot of


How To Play Violin

This article gives the essential basics for how to play the violin. Generally violins are quite commonly available instruments and it is reasonably easy to rent or buy a violin. Children may need smaller violins (from an eighth, quarter, half, three-quarters, seven-eighths up to full size) to accommodate smaller hands if they are going to be learning over an extended period.

The Basics

The bow is held in the right hand with the thumb bent  

Las Vegas & The Movies

To be completely fair, the early 60’s weren’t really the first screen action days in Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra’s first movie, Las Vegas Nights was set back in 1941. However, the Rat Pack Days are always a good point to start.

The Rat Packs

Five gentlemen in Las Vegas: Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Frank Sinatra. Good friends. Loved to party. And of course, they had their own favourite place  

Art Galleries in London

The city of London has loads to offer art lovers and the best thing is that it is virtually all free to explore. The art industry is huge in Britain, with collections from artists all over the world available to view in London’s galleries and at exhibitions. The city is also home to a lot of British art, so when you are next in the capital why not check some of it out.

There are