Month: December 2021

Movie Review – City Hall (1996)

Or the dirty underbelly of American machine politics... Some movies are just for watching and then forgetting them. They are for pure entertainment. But... Read more »

How to Six Step When You Breakdance

When I teach class no matter the size or place I always teach top rock and six step. these are two of the most... Read more »

How To Play Violin

This article gives the essential basics for how to play the violin. Generally violins are quite commonly available instruments and it is reasonably easy... Read more »

Las Vegas & The Movies

To be completely fair, the early 60's weren't really the first screen action days in Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra's first movie, Las Vegas Nights... Read more »

Art Galleries in London

The city of London has loads to offer art lovers and the best thing is that it is virtually all free to explore. The... Read more »