A history of Kodak: from underdog to household name

Kodak is now a domestic name, but it had a hard time receiving wherever it is these days. In truth, some would say that Kodak’s background is that of the underdog, but why is that, how did it turn out to be the a house identify, and why is it the selection of 1000’s of movie photographers about the world? Let’s get a deep dive!

Kodak was produced in 1888 by George Eastman and its manufacturing unit was established in Rochester, New York where by the enterprise is nonetheless making movie right now. Now for a organization that has been in production for 134 decades, you would consider that it would be on the identical amount as several domestic names, earning billions a year, and to an extent it does, or at the very least it did in 2020, with a earnings of 1.018 Billion.

That appears incredible to us, but in the very long sport, that is not just about every much at all. How did Kodak become a world wide icon, and why is it nonetheless in our digicam baggage today?

Kodak logos through history

(Picture credit: Kodak)

Kodak took the tactic of supplying film and the medium of pictures to all degrees from amateurs to pros and each individual house in concerning. Kodak available answers to absolutely everyone, allowing and supporting a total new technology of personal impression having.

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