Art History, Appreciation and the Internet

Artists from all across the globe are now able to share their works without the rules that were in place two decades ago. The artist’s talent is no longer hindered by finding an agent, or a gallery to show their works because the entire internet is now a free and open gallery for anyone to display their works. While looking at a digital photo of a painting is in no way the same as actually


Pros and Cons of Distance Learning This COVID-19 Pandemic

It is now over a week for our blended teaching/learning situation amid this trying time where everyone is having challenges coping with different tasks.

As a classroom teacher then, now online guide to my select and lucky angels, well, everyday hurdle has been tough, challenging and, sometimes, taxing to the psyche. Universitas Swasta di Bandung Yes, not all my learners are capable to coping up simply because they do not have the needed technology like


The Skinny on Oats, Oatmeal, Vitamins, Nutrition for Skin Care and Bath Products

Maklon Kosmetik

Oats (botanical name Avena sativa)

An oat is a grass that produces a fibrous root and a hollow jointed stem with narrow, flat, pale-green leaves. Oats are native to southern Europe and eastern Asia. They are widely cultivated as a food.

An oat is an edible cereal grain produced by the cereal grass of the same name. They are light colored and have a nutty flavor and a chewy texture.
Usually we think of them


Art Galleries in London

The city of London has loads to offer art lovers and the best thing is that it is virtually all free to explore. The art industry is huge in Britain, with collections from artists all over the world available to view in London’s galleries and at exhibitions. The city is also home to a lot of British art, so when you are next in the capital why not check some of it out.

There are  

Lomonosov Porcelain Founder – Dmitry Vinogradov

Lomonosov porcelain was originated by Dmitry (Ivanovich) Vinogradov,
who was born approximately1720 (exact date is unknown) in the Russian city of Suzdal, an Orthodox-church center , at which his father was a priest.

Both Dmitry and his brother, Yakov, were educated at the school of Zaikonospassky monaster, Moscow.

At the end of 1735 both brothers were sent to the
Petersburg school of Academy of Sciences of the Russian Empire because they showed great potential in


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Space Clearing Specialists Infuse Interior Structure With Spirituality

The process often starts with matters like burning sage or other fragrances and ends with a redesign concentrated on well-getting. Browse A lot more

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