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Technology and Art

The Intersection of Technology and Art

Technology and Art. Art has always been a medium for creative expression, and technology has only expanded the possibilities for artists. From digital art... Read more »
all things lawn care in the South

Lawn Care in the Southern States

Lawn care in the southern states is a whole different ball game compared to lawn care in other parts of the country. The climate... Read more »

Orlando Museum of Art’s Interim Direct Quits Amid Basquiat

The Orlando Museum of Artwork (OMA) has declared that Luder Whitlock is departing as the institution’s interim director. In accordance to the Orlando Weekly,... Read more »

The ongoing legacy of Disney diplomacy in Brazil

Clara Ianni, Openings (Movies Built by the Workplace for Inter-American Affairs 1941–1949), 2022, video clip collage, color, silent, 4 minutes 18 seconds. At the... Read more »

Juxtapoz Magazine – Blink Cincinnati Announces 2nd Wave of

The excitement for BLINK’s IRL experiential takeover of Cincinnati is increasing, not just due to the fact we’re in closer proximity to the formal day,... Read more »

Why Quality Animation Isn’t What It Once Was

Analysing 12 FPS Versus 24 FPS Animation In the world of animation frames are money. While this is true for most forms of visual... Read more »

Juxtapoz Magazine – DesignerCon & NTWRK Virtual Festival

Now, NTWRK, North America’s premier livestream purchasing system, announces its official partnership with the biggest art and toy convention in the US, DesignerCon. On... Read more »

Juxtapoz Magazine – Issue Preview: Fall 2022 with Kehinde

"Virgil was a genius whose overall body was an antenna and who would take in and flip every little thing all over him in... Read more »

Juxtapoz Magazine – Faith Ringgold: American Story

As aspect of their primary brief movie collection “FAMSF Presents”, the Great Arts Museums of San Francisco are delighted to share their most recent... Read more »

Juxtapoz Magazine – The Secret Path: The Art of Roger and

If you are likely to have a psychedelic artwork exhibit, may as nicely get to the money of psychedelics on Haight Road and in... Read more »