Movie Review – City Hall (1996)

Or the dirty underbelly of American machine politics…

Some movies are just for watching and then forgetting them. They are for pure entertainment. But others like “Gods and Generals” are good enough to be a part of the curriculum in Political Science, American Studies or Sociology departments of all universities.

CITY HALL is one such flick.

If you need to understand the intricate ways in which the machine politics bosses in New York City used  

Different Types and Genres of Animes

Animes have highly influenced the Japanese culture, and the influence is not only limited to Japan but has spread to the whole world. It is highly contrasted from the cartoons that are traditionally made. A majority of the people have also developed an interest in learning the Japanese language from the animes. There are also large gatherings of people that are arranged, known as the conventions. Here people with a shared passion for anime meet


China touts movie about defeat of US Army as best grossing at any time, knowledge indicates it will fall limited

A Chinese movie about the defeat of the U.S. Military is tracking to develop into one particular of the highest-grossing in the country’s history, but reports exhibit how keen the government is to see it acquire the best location. 

“The Struggle at Lake Changjin” is a state-funded movie about a team of outgunned Chinese troops who defeated U.S. foes through a fight in the Korean War. The movie debuted on Sept. 30 and has previously