Renewable AI Music Technology

AI Music technology is a new and exciting development in the field of music technology. This technology combines artificial intelligence and renewable energy to... Read more »
5 Best Songs Ever Covered

5 Best Songs Ever Covered by Alif Ba Ta

5 Best Songs Ever Covered : Guitarist from Ponorogo, Alif Gutsakhiyat alias Alip Ba Ta often grabs attention because of his amazing guitar playing... Read more »

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Jake in 1971 at the Recreation Folk Club Colchester photo credit Stuart Allison 1971 Colchester Convey Archives In Research of The La's: A Top... Read more »

The Quietus | Reviews | Lamin Fofana

Berlin-dependent, Sierra Leonean artist Lamin Fofana tackles our conceptions of race, existence and identity inside the African diaspora by reimagining landscape by means of... Read more »

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It starts with an endlessly wide, endlessly vacant desert basic. It could practically be an alien landscape. But, when accompanied by the sparse, plaintive... Read more »

The Quietus | News | Jaimie Branch Has Died, Aged 39

jaimie department, the jazz composer and trumpeter who unveiled new music by means of US label Worldwide Anthem, has died, aged 39. In a... Read more »

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Lafawndah is one of a selection of acts who've pulled out of this week's Pop-Kultur competition in Berlin owing to ties amongst the function... Read more »

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All pictures by Celestial Light-weight Kurokuma is named for a waterfall, positioned in the vicinity of the city of Ajigasawa in northern Japan and... Read more »

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Afar Approaches by Yanna Momina Yanna Momina’s voice consists of the power to silence those in the space. It is at its peak below... Read more »

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Mint Chip by Kamikaze Palm Tree A sliding riff which prangs and chimes all at the moment. A dead-pan vocal, not rather sprechstimme, not... Read more »